An immersive essay on the geography of inequality, in areas where neoextractivist practices occur.

A journey from a silver mine exploited for more than 500 years to the largest -almost intact- lithium deposit in the world

Everything that is resounds …

The landscape resounds; facades, halos, shadows dance across it.

Lingis, A (1998) The Imperative.
The materiality of the landscape is significant; beyond the mere physical presence and solidity of the landscape, its existence and reality.
The materiality of the landscape in constant transformation, resounds with the industrial, mining and agricultural processes, and the concomitant transformation of the lives that inhabit it.
The materiality of the landscape is heard in terms of strength, animation and perception.
Is the external material landscape a lifeless mass onto which we project meaning and value?
The hum of the environment envelops us, seduces us, oppresses us.
As soon as we open our eyes, the light, the depth of the tangible; the exterior resplendent, seductive, bleak or suffocating.
Reality weighs; we cannot be indifferent to it.
The landscape resonates; facades, cartoons, halos, shadows dance across it.
Under the sunlight the pageantry of things spreads.
The live, active, animated landscape – Silent spaces after the removal of minerals.
Action happens below the surface

An expanded listening on geotechnologies

The amplified sound of the application of scientific methods and engineering techniques to the exploitation of natural resources, is absorbed and reflected by structures and bodies of all kinds.
These disturbances affect the different areas of contemporary geographical interest, in both inhabited and uninhabited places.


Immersive installation, 3D audio

& VR experience


Zentrum für immersive Medienkunst, Musik und Technologie

Sight and sound immersive installation

On the hall of the Zentrum für immersive Medienkunst, Musik und Technologie -ZiMMT- in Torgauer Str. 80 Leipzig

32 ch. sound compossition and ultrasound parametric array

A composition based on field recordings and accoustic phenomena harvested during the research at the mines

A One to One Virtual Reality experience into the underworld

A sensory experience for VR headset to be experienced in location, a yuxtapossition between different local worldviews and shaders


Located in the Lithium Triangle, the Salar contains a large amount of sodium, potassium, lithium borax and magnesium (all in the chloride forms of NaCl, KCl, LiCl and MgCl2, respectively).
With an estimated of 9,000,000 t, Bolivia holds about 60% of the world’s known lithium resources; most of those are in the Salar de Uyuni.
Lithium is concentrated in the brine under the salt crust at a relatively high concentration of about 0.3%. It is also present in the top layers of the porous halite body lying under the brine; however, the liquid brine is easier to extract, by boring into the crust and pumping out the brine.
The brine distribution has been monitored by the Landsat satellite and confirmed in ground drilling tests.
Lithium extraction in the 1980s and 1990s by foreign companies met strong opposition from the local community as believed that the money infused by mining would not reach them.
The Bolivian government does not want to allow exploitation by foreign corporations. An extraction test plant is currently at the site which intends to reach an annual production of 35,000t by 2023 in a 70 year joint venture with ACI Systems Germany GmbH.


A collaboration between scientist, miners, anthropologists, historians, engineers and artists from Bolivia and Germany


Guely Morató, Marco Antonio Flores Peca, Oscar Torrez, Jaime Mora, Hannes Walschütz, Jano Bizzotto, Felix Deufel, Sergio Millán & Víctor Mazón Gardoqui




Undrer the Copy-it-right license. Photos and text by Víctor Mazon Gardoqui. All rights deserved 2021

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